Lingerie Soap Sanitary Detergent


Formulated with SAS, a powerful detergent, this liquid soap removes blood, leucorrhea and other stains on cotton, linen, polyester, cupra rayon and other synthetic fibers.


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Feeling annoyed by the blood stains on lingerie during period? The Lingerie Soap saves your time and energy. In only 20 minutes, you can thoroughly remove the period stains on lingerie. Also, blood stains on clothing other than lingerie which are caused by incised or stab wound can be cleaned.

How To Use:

1. Soak Wash:  Use 10ml of detergent (1 calibration mark) and mix with 500ml water. Soak the detergent on pantie for about 20 minutes and wash afterwards. For better result and stubborn stains, soak the detergent on the target area for longer time.

2. Machine Wash:  Apply proper amount based on the amount of dirt or stain. Apply the detergent to the target area, scrub gently, then follow normal washing procedure.



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