Saborino Morning Facial Mask

Gives you 3-in-1 performance from Cleansing + Skincare + Hydration in only 60 seconds.

32 Sheets

$46.00 $26.00



BCL Saborino Morning Face Mask

A 3-in-1 face mask that designed for having a fast and efficient face care in the busy morning. The mask will take effect in just 60 seconds and you can start applying makeup afterwards.

Saborino Mask Moist type: Fruit + Herb 

Moisturizing, nourishing and tightening skin. Enhance the elasticity of skin, and reduce the puffiness of eyes in the morning
With pleasant fruity herbal scent.

Refreshing type: Grapefruit + Mint 

Refreshing and tightening skin. It is suitable for oily skin and those like minty flavour to keep them up for the morning.

How To Use:

  1. Unseal the package and take out the sheet.
  2. Apply the mask over face.
  3. Leave on for 60 seconds then remove gently.
  4. Tap the skin for the remaining essence to be absorbed.
  5. You can directly apply makeup for the day.


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Grapefruit&Mint, Fruit&Herb


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