Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

It is a 3-step mask provides cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and protecting skin in order to minimize the stimulus of pollution on the skin.



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  • Step 1 Anti-Dust Fresh Foam Cleanser:

It has a good foaming ability to reach deeply into pores, thoroughly removing air pollutants, fine dust and makeup residue without removing precious moisture from your skin.

  • Step 2 Anti-Dust Therapy Mask:

Rich in Sodium Hyaluronate, Centella Asiatica Extract, Propolis Extract, etc. with hydrating and soothing effects. This mask helps to repair sensitive and pressure skin from external harmful environment.

  • Step 3 Anti-Dust Intensive Cream:

It helps to deliver moisture and nutrients to the delicate skin with enhancing skin barrier.

How To Use:

  1. Step 1 Anti-Dust Fresh Foam Cleanser: Take appropriate amount of cleansing foam on your palm and lather it; Apply the rich lather on face and gently massage; Rinse well with water.
  2. Step 2 Anti-Dust Therapy Mask: After cleansing, fit the Mask for 10-20mins. Remove mask and massage gently for the remaining essence to be absorbed.
  3. Step 3 Anti-Dust Intensive Cream: Apply the cream onto face, gently massage into skin until it is completely absorbed.




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