Essence Mask (Vitamin C)

The mask fits perfectly to quickly penetrate the beauty serum deep into the horny cell layer. Controls the generation of melanin, prevents freckles and spots, and provides highly translucent, lush skin.

30 Sheets



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Fortified with Vitamin C (Skin Whitening Agent).


  • Gentle on skin: Fragrance-Free ・Colorant-Free ・Alcohol-Free ・Mineral Oil-Free
  • 30 mask sheets ! One for every day of the month.

How To Use:

  1.  Open the flap and remove the seal covering the opening of the inner package containing the masks. Take masks out one at a time. Pull on the left and right sides of the mask to unfold. Fold the eye flaps outward.
  2. Align the eye openings with your own eyes and do the same for the positioning of the mouth opening. Gently press the mask so that it adheres to your face.
  3. Fold the eye flaps up over your eyes if you want to care for the skin around the eyes. (※Make sure to keep your eyes shut so that none of the mask liquid gets in your eyes. Individuals wearing contact lenses should remove them prior to using the mask.)
  4. Leave the mask on for about 5 minutes. Rub the remaining serum into your skin for added results.


Close the flap tightly after use to prevent the masks from drying out. Avoid storing the product so that it is exposed to direct sunlight and in places with especially high temperatures.


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