Whitening Lotion

Combat freckles by inhibiting melanin production. Keep skin healthy.


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Daiso Whitening Lotion

Contains a variety of Chinese herbal medicines such as Chinese peony root, licorice, angelica, etc. It is safe and effective, with excellent whitening effect, slight exfoliation, whitening effect and low irritation. “Pearl Extract” promotes cell division and helps the skin to return to normal metabolism to achieve a healthy, transparent and beautiful skin.

The medicinal instant whitening toner with anti-spotting effect nourishes the skin for a long time, solves the problem of women’s skin dryness and roughness caused by air conditioning or ultraviolet radiation, and can experience instant whitening and long-lasting moisture. It is a highly nutritious whitening restoration.

For skin: For all skin types

How to use:

  • Apply toner to morning and night.
  • Take water in the palm of your hand and gently pat the face until it is absorbed.
  • For a better result, use with the Daiso Whitening Essence.


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