Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra


Super strong holding double sided medical-use adhesive tape specially made to create double eyelid.


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  • Almost like plastic surgery.
    Make ideal double eyelid by sticking deeply inside the desirable eyelid crease.
  • Super strong holding
    Invisible when applied and stay inside the crease all day long. Strong water and sweat resistance.
  • Made from medical-use adhesive. Safe and gentle on the skin. Unnoticeable 0.09mm ultra-thin transparent tape.
What’s the difference between Extra type and Mild type?
Softness of the adhesive is different.
Extra type is made of harder adhesive and Mild type is made of softer adhesive.
If you prefer hard and sharp touch, Extra type is recommended. If you prefer soft and flexible touch, Mild type is recommended.
There’s no difference in lasting power and holding strength. They are both strong water and sweat resistance.
One of the most popular double eyelid tape in Japan!
Easily make deep and natural crease on eyelids. 0.09mm ultra-thin tape is invisible when applied and will stay inside the crease all day long.

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